A guide to top-rated portable greenhouse

greenhouse inside with plants

Greenhouse is used for protecting your plants against the climate and help them grow. As not every family have luxurious gardenļ¼Œthe selection of portable greenhouse give an option to store plants and pots in limited space,Ā including balcony and patio.

Here are some guides to help you understand how to pick a suitable greenhouse.

What is the difference between portable greenhouses and other traditional ones?

A traditional greenhouse is built with a secure structure and glass walls,Ā it cost money and take up space. While a portable greenhouse has more benefits as follow:

it is easy to set up temporarily,Ā and also can be put away easily.

Some of portable greenhouses come with wheels and can be moved freely.

They often have shelves to place plants and seedling in.

Most of them allow you to hand grow lamps for nighttime.

How to Choose a portable greenhouse?

There are many portable greenhousesĀ you can select from according to garden scale. We are a factory in ChinaĀ which produce these portableĀ greenhousesĀ as your requirement. The most common types as follow:

Portable mini greenhouse

A mini greenhouse is the smallest one. These greenhouses have shelves for plants and are often pegged to the ground. They are small and can be set up anywhere. If you have limited space and need to grow plants, this type of greenhouse is perfect for you.

Portable walk-in greenhouse

A walk-in greenhouse isĀ spacious for an adult to walk into and organizeĀ plants as needed. It isnā€™t big enough to offer a lot of movement, but it allows you room for yourself. They can have shelves or be installed without shelves to place over plants in the soil. They seldom have wheels.

Portable Compact greenhouse

Compact greenhouses are made of sturdy materials and are often 50-65 pounds in weight. You can easily walk in and make use of features such as gutters, vents, shelves and lights. There are multiple doors, and you can move the greenhouse when needed.

Portable greenhouse with wheels

Nothing says portability like a greenhouse on wheels. Portable greenhouses with wheels look like portable mini greenhouses but are easier to move around. You can set these up on balconies and patios with no garden to peg the legs into.

When we decide to buy a portable greenhouse for gardening needs,Ā except the type, you still need consider below factors:


Stability is an essential elementĀ for many people who live in areas where thunderstorms and heavy rains are expected. Certain things that provide better stability to portable greenhouses are pegs, locked wheels, and a heavier frame.


Shelves are essential if you are storing your plants temporarily. Some portable greenhouses come with built-in shelves, while others can have shelves placed inside them. It is better if the distance between the shelves is adjustable so you can fix it according to your plantā€™s growth.


The color of the external casing is essential for people who are using the greenhouse to help grow seedlings or protect smaller plants from frost. Although many people prefer the green covering option, since it reduces the light inside the greenhouse, you cannot opt for a transparentĀ one.


Doors allow you to walk in and out of your portable greenhouse comfortably. If your greenhouse is too small for it to be a walk-in one, you need a wide opening to let you rearrange things. People prefer zipper doors for greenhouses with a fabric covering, but roll-up flaps are also popular.

Other features

Other features include hooks for hanging growth lamps and environmental control devices like humidifiers. These can help to speed up your plant growth and keep them in the optimal conditions required.

HereĀ areĀ someĀ ofĀ portableĀ greenhousesĀ weĀ producedļ¼š

large walk in winter greenhouse with 4 tier shelves

Walk-in Portable Greenhouse

balcony mini greenhouse for small plant

Mini Greenhouse

portable greenhouse with wheels for easy movement

Portable greenhouse with wheels


1.strong shelves, 4-tier rack

2. high quality PE cover

3. Resin coated steel tube

4. Support to custom size


1.strong resin coated steel tube

2.high quality 0.1mm PVC cover

3.available to custom


1.strong resin coated steel tube

2.high quality 0.1mm PVC cover

3. available to custom